Floor marking

Acrylate coatings

They are used for traffic marking, especially in areas with a lower load on the floor. Their big advantage is a relatively favorable price and a short time between application and the possibility of use after hardening (approx. 60 minutes). It is suitable for machine-smoothed concrete surfaces, asphalts, it cannot be used on heavily polluted surfaces (seepage of oil, acids, etc.).

Path 46230
Fast hardening.
Group 25066
The most financially advantageous coating option.

Epoxy coatings

Two- and multi-component epoxy paints that can be applied in various color modifications according to the customer’s wishes. This type of traffic marking is most widely used in industrial buildings with a higher load on the floor (manufacturing plants, storage halls, etc.).

Due to technological breaks between individual processes, there is a longer implementation time (7-48 hours – depending on environmental conditions).


Group 12098
High coating resistance.
Group 25135
Simple anti-slip adjustment.

Polyurethane coatings

Polyurethane floors stand out for their high elasticity, but at the same time they offer high strength and abrasion resistance. At the same time, they are non-absorbent, easy to clean and show exceptional chemical resistance. As long as the ambient temperature changes gradually, the coatings remain unaffected by their chemical and physical characteristics. They can therefore be used in places with low and high temperatures. Therefore, they are ideal for cooling and freezing rooms, industrial premises, warehouses, laboratories, hospitals or slaughterhouses.

Group 25133
High chemical and physical resistance of the coating.
Group 25136
High elasticity of the coating.

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