Spill containment

Securing dangerous substances

Safety cabinets

One of the most common causes of fires in industry is improper storage and handling of flammable substances. Safety fire cabinets help reduce the risk of fire and protect property and employees through the safe storage of flammables, chemicals and caustics.

Thanks to the storage of chemicals in lockable safety cabinets, you can define the persons authorized to work with the given chemicals and thus also the danger of unprofessional handling with them.



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Securing dangerous substances

Spill retention systems

Together with safety cabinets, retaining systems are the first barrier in case of leakage of dangerous substances. Retaining basins made of steel are ideal for operations where oils or other carbonaceous liquids are used. Basins made of hardened polyethylene, on the other hand, excellently retain acids, alkalis and other chemical substances.

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Elimination of dangerous substances leaks

Emergency spill kits

Emergency kits are the ideal solution for effective cleaning and removal of dangerous substance leaks. The set contains all necessary sorption components for your operation. Various sizes are available, from kits for small spills to large 120 liter kits. The packaging is always color-coded for quick identification of use according to the type of spill (chemical, oil, universal). Available in 30 and 50 liter packages or in a 200 liter container.



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Elimination of dangerous substances leaks


In addition, it is possible to procure separately also sorption materials for the leakage of oils, chemicals or for universal use.

  • sorption snakes
  • sorption mats
  • sorption rolls


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