Forklift truck safety accessories

Greater safety when moving handling equipment

Protection during forklift movement

Manipulation technology in operation is one of the biggest sources of danger to pedestrians and at the same time it very often suffers from impacts. Our company offers simple but effective solutions to both problems. We can effectively draw attention to the movement of forklift with the light marking of forklift. With highly flexible bumpers, we can reduce damage to property and the forklift itself.

Group 25032
Protection of employees
Group 12083
Property protection

Side safety lighting

The light zone effectively keeps pedestrians at a safe distance from the work area of the forklift truck. All this thanks to a special LED or laser light that displays a red, blue or line on the floor, creating a “safe” zone for the forklift.

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Flexible bumpers

The flexible bumper is made of soft PVC plastic, which can absorb energy even from strong impacts. A simple but reliable mounting system enables a wide range of positioning options.

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