Lockout Tagout procedure

Security of dangerous energies

Lockout / Tagout – LOTO

Lockout/Tagout is a safety procedure for securing dangerous machinery and equipment by properly shutting it down and preventing it from being restarted until maintenance or repair is completed.


Group 25070
Effective prevention of manipulation of the source of risk or entry into risk.
Group 25085
Clear identification of the hazard and also the responsible person.
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Procedure Lockout / Tagout

Lockout – Lock – Prevent

1. Step – Lockout

Placing a special lock and padlock in a place that is critical for releasing the power source, in such a way that it is impossible for other persons to turn on the disconnected or shut down machine without using a force.


The system of keys

  • KD – Key Different – one padlock, one key
  • KA – Key Alike – one key opens a given set of locks (as many locks as many keys)
  • Master Key – opens assigned locks (KD and also KA)
  • Grand Master Key – opens all locks (KD, KA and superior MK)


System klucov

Tagout – Mark – Inform

2. Step – Tagout

Marking the cap with a tag that informs other users that the device is undergoing repair/downtime and that the device is therefore disconnected/switched off. Information related to the disconnection (name of the responsible worker, date of completion, etc.) can also be written on this tag. A short text can be placed on the back of the tag with a description of the steps the employee must take before turning off or disconnecting the device – with his signature. By doing so, he confirms that he has performed the given steps.


Types of risks

The LOTO system, that means the entire Lockout/Tagout system helps to eliminate safety risks in various types of operations. The main groups of risks that the LOTO procedure successfully eliminates include:

Group 25119

Mechanical risks – prevents the movement of the device or the operation of the machine.

Group 25121

Electrical hazards – limits the risk of electric shock.

Group 25122

Chemical risks – prevents the occurrence of chemicals, dangerous liquids or gas.

LOTO implementation procedure

  1. In-depth audit – documenting all energies and their flow in processes. 
  2. Identification and marking of all energy closure points.
  3. Processing of instructions, preparation of LOTO components (locks, tags, stations)
  4. Training of employees, familiarization with new safety standards

In the field of health and safety, our company has been actively participating in the application of LOCKOUT/TAGOUT (LOTO) processes in many companies and in a wide range of business activities for a long time.

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