Cookies policy

What are „cookies“?

“Cookies” are small data files used as unique identifiers. Each cookie is unique to your web browser. The cookie file contains anonymous information and is sent from the server of the website you are viewing to your computer or mobile phone. It will be stored on your device and only this server will be able to search or retrieve the content of this cookie. Sent cookie files can be sent back to website servers with updated data while you are browsing the website.
Cookies may be set by the websites you visit (“our cookies”) or they may be set by an organization that does not own the websites you are viewing (“third-party cookies”). For example, they may be set by other websites that run the content on the page you are viewing or by an independent analytics company. The websites you visit may also include content embedded from other websites, and these websites may also set their own cookies. Websites may use third-party advertising networks to deliver targeted advertising. These cookies may be able to track your browsing of various pages.

These website use two types of cookies:

  • Session cookies – Session cookies are only stored temporarily during the browsing session and are deleted from your device after closing the browser.
  • Persistent cookies – This type of cookies is stored on your computer for a fixed period of time (usually a month, a year or longer) and these cookies are not deleted after closing the browser. Persistent cookies are used to identify you from one browsing session to the next, for example to save your preferences so they will be remembered for the next visit.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies to improve your user experience by enabling websites to identify you, either for the duration of your visit (using session cookies) or for repeated visits (using persistent cookies). The cookies we use can:

  1. be absolutely necessary for your movement around the pages or the provision of some basic functions, or
  2. improve the functions of our website, for example by saving your preferences. They record your choices (such as your username or your chosen language) and allow us to provide a personalized experience; or
  3. help us improve the performance of our websites to offer you a better user experience. The information provided by these cookies is anonymous and helps us understand how our visitors use our website so that we can improve the presentation of our content. These services are generally provided by independent measurement and research companies, so these cookies may be third-party cookies.

If we didn’t use cookies, our website would treat you as a new visitor every time you reach a new page on our website – for example, when you enter your login information and go to the next page, you wouldn’t be recognized and you wouldn’t be able to stay logged in.

We need to use cookies to maintain the efficiency of our website and provide you with a user-friendly environment. Therefore, cookies cannot be blocked independently, and by continuing to browse our website, using our online services, you agree that we can place these cookies on your device.
Our website also uses cookies for behavioral advertising, which allows us to tailor advertising and ensure that it is relevant to you, based on the areas you view on our website and the geographical location of your IP address. These cookies are placed by advertising and commercial networks of third parties with our consent.

What to do if you do not want to set cookies

Consent to the placement of cookies is voluntary. If you wish, you can block some or all cookies or delete cookies that have already been set. You can find all the details regarding the management of cookies and the possibility of blocking them in different types of web browsers at, or (for Internet Explorer), or (for Mozilla/Firefox browser), (for Chrome), (for Opera).

However, you must be aware that if you block or delete cookies sent from our website that are absolutely necessary or ensure functionality and performance, it may not be possible to use the website.
You can view the types of cookies used on our website and thus obtain information on how to change the cookie settings or how to block cookies used on our website.

Websites of third parties

If you use our partners’ websites, a cookie may be set by the websites you visit. We do not operate these pages, and therefore have no control over the distribution of these cookies. You can find more information about these cookies on the websites of the respective third parties.