Industrial safety barriers

Passive protection of persons and property

Industrial safety barriers

Safety barriers are already an evident part of protection in most operations. In addition to a wide range of standard metal barriers, our company also offers products that provide even higher protection and durability. Flexible barriers made of special polyethylene mixtures can absorb shocks that would break classic metal ones. Foam profiles can eliminate dangerous corners and protrusions even in places that cannot be defined by classic barriers.

Protection of employees
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Property protection

Heavy duty safety barriers

Universal and easy-to-install protective barriers with a warning appearance are used primarily in industrial areas to mark communication routes, to protect machines, racks, etc.

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Flexible barriers

The flexible barriers we provide made of highly resistant polymers will offer you a new level of protection in your operation compared to classic metal barriers.

This material absorbs much of the impact energy and then returns to its original form thanks to a memory effect.

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Foam protective profiles

You can use the protective warning profiles made of soft polyurethane foam to protect columns, minimize the risk of injury to people from the impact of limbs and heads, and to protect machines and equipment from the impact of light handling equipment.

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