LED Floor Marking

Virtual LED marking solutions

Dynamic LED floor marking

LED floor marking can be used to illuminate all standard ISO symbols, symbols of various shapes and sizes as well as custom symbols (company logo, various combinations of shapes, custom designs). Illuminated floor markings solved with LED technology offer several advantages over conventional marking techniques such as coatings or stickers. The technology enables the activation of markings for movement (pedestrian and handling or crane equipment).

Group 25032
Elimination of operational blindness.
Group 12094
Increased protection of pedestrians and handling equipment.
Example of usages of LED Floor Marking

LED technologies

In the long term, LED illuminated floor markings bring cost savings compared to conventional marking techniques. While the lifetime of epoxy and other coatings or floor adhesives ranges from weeks to months, LED projectors are limited by the lifetime of the LED chip, which is up to 50,000 hours. After this time, only the replacement of the LED chip is necessary.

Industrial Design

LED projector

  • The light marking technique works using an industrial LED projector with active or passive type of cooling. The choice of cooling type depends on the environmental conditions.
  • The projectors are dustproof with protection up to IP 65.
  • Projectors can be placed in an environment from -20 °C up to + 35 °C.
LED Projector

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Marking of moving loads

The technology is designed for the needs of marking dangerous zones around the load carried by the crane. The projector is placed on the “head” of the crane and illuminates the zone around the load. The key benefit of projection marking is the mobility of the marking at the same time as the load being carried. The symbol cannot be overlooked or covered with a burden.

LED projection is an innovative alternative to marking the symbol “CAUTION, MOTION OF A SUSPENDED LOAD!”. Safety can be enhanced with an anti-collision system for overhead cranes.



Inteligent parabolic mirrors

The integrated LED projector in the parabolic mirror suitably complements the otherwise passive element. The projector is activated by the movement of the selected subject (manipulation technique, pedestrian), which enters the critical space. The safety symbol flashes or pulses on the ground in the field of vision of the pedestrian and the driver of the forklift. The system is upgraded with light beacons, signaling the directions of movement of subjects moving at the intersection at the same time.

Intelligent Parabolic Mirror

LED Logistics floor markings

Virtual LED lines

Highly visible projected LED lines offer easier orientation for personnel and machines in operations and warehouses. Virtual signage can be easily edited and moved from place to place.

Virtual LED floor markings
virtual logistics floor marking

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Advantages of LED floor marking

Group 25066

Saves costs for renewing signage.


It solves the safety around the transported load.

09 Zebra Crossing traffic sign road sign signaling sign

Projection of dimensional sizes of pictograms.

Group 25063

The marking cannot be covered or destroyed.

Comparison of laminated sticker with LED floor marking.

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