Floor marking tapes


Floor tapes

Floor tapes are an invaluable helper especially in production and logistics halls, public spaces, offices, etc. We offer a wide range of types, colors and sizes of tapes made of proven and high-quality materials.

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Easy and fast application.
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An ideal price alternative to floor markings.
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Types of floor tapes

TOUGHSTRIPE™ – Laminated polyester

Extremely durable ToughStripe™ floor tapes are made of polyester B – 514. They are ideal for marking pedestrian crossings, aisles, storage and shipping areas or for marking edges and corners in operation.


Vinyl floor tapes

Marking tape for quick and effective orientation in warehouses, halls, industrial facilities and wherever a durable, simple solution is needed.


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Anti-slip tapes

Anti-slip tapes are the simplest solution to prevent accidents in the workplace. They are an excellent means of preventing slips. It fits in every interior and exterior and wherever there is a risk of slipping. Their self-adhesive part guarantees simple and precise application.

  • extremely stable tape with a rough surface
  • excellent adhesion
  • high mechanical resistance
anti slip

Photoluminescent tapes

An ideal solution in places where visibility is reduced. Anti-slip adjustment is also possible.


Precut shapes

Dashes, dots, arrows, traces and corner marks (shapes: L, T, +)

The shapes are prepared in advance on self-adhesive tape, for easy and even sticking of markings.


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