Industrial floor marking

Logistic marking of operation

Floor marking

We will ensure the marking of the floors of warehouse and industrial halls and underground garages. Each environment has its specifics – we can find the right solution according to the operation.


Group 12098
Increasing traffic safety by clear markings.
Group 12053
Fulfillment of the obligation to label intra-company transport.

Our floor marking services include:

  • initial assessment of the condition;
  • focus;
  • design of marking and form of implementation in accordance with valid STN after agreement with the customer;
  • application with subsequent maintenance or remarking;
  • the delivery includes a technical sheet, a safety data sheet and declarations of conformity;

Floor paint

Marking of logistics lines and full-surface coatings with acrylic paint, epoxy resin, or polyurethane coating. The application is more time-consuming, but with a longer life compared to floor tapes.


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Floor tapes

Marking with high-quality floor tapes with highly resistant rubber adhesive. The lines can be realized in several widths (from 50 mm).

The marking is resistant to chemicals. The advantage is speed and the possibility of simple removal (change). However, compared to color marking, the service life is lower and it is not possible to use this solution where heavy handling techniques are used.

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Floor labels

Marking of logistics areas using durable labels made of polycarbonate or metal. It serves for the clear identification of individual parts of the warehouse and simplifies the orientation of employees in the warehouse.

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Podlahovy stitok

Renewal of damaged markings

Since these are the most stressed marking elements and especially in operations with higher pollution and heavy handling techniques, it is necessary to renew this marking regularly. In this case, our delivery includes, in addition to renewal, the removal of the old damaged signage.

oprava podlah

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