Forklift anti-collision systems

ALIS Shield

Forklift anti-collision system

The ALIS Shield autonomous anti-collision system is designed to protect pedestrians and handling equipment in busy and confusing operations of large and medium-sized companies. The system is based on wireless communication between forklift and personal tags. Based on the information about the mutual distance, the tags activate predefined actions.

Group 12083
Busy traffic guidance.
Group 12098
Increased protection of pedestrians and handling equipment.
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UWB Technology

The anti-collision system is based on Ultra Wide Band wireless technology, which, compared to other wireless technologies, offers a measurement accuracy of up to 50 cm. The subjects of the anti-collision system are equipped with tags that constantly communicate with each other. Based on the information about the mutual distance, the tags trigger predefined actions.

Possible functionalities

  • Autonomous slow down of the handling technique for up to two phases compared to another handling technique in the event of a potential collision.
  • notification to pedestrian about the presence of handling equipment at a dangerous distance using the vibrations of a personal tag.
  • signaling of danger inside the forklift cabin in 3 colors (red, orange, green).
  • Option to add sirens to the forklift driver’s cabin.
Group 50
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Pedestrian safety

The ALIS Shield system increases the safety of pedestrians and protects employees from collisions with handling equipment in blind spots, busy intersections and in normal traffic. The pedestrian is equipped with a personal tag, which alerts pedestrians to potential danger with vibrations or an acoustic signal. Tags are also available with ATEX certification for explosive environments.

Group 12053
ATEX certification of personal tag
Group 12094
Interactive protection of pedestrians with vibrations.

Forklift anti-collision system

ALIS Shield eliminates blind spots in operation and autonomously triggers required actions such as automatic slowing down of handling equipment in two zones (warning and dangerous) facing other handling equipment, facing a pedestrian, or in frequented and critical places.

Group 12083
Portable from fleet to fleet.
Group 12098
Protection of handling equipment from collisions.
Possible to combine with led floor marking


To increase the level of security in operation, ALIS Shield offers the option of zoning in predefined zones (internal and external). When passing through the zone, the forklift autonomously slows down to a pre-defined maximum speed.

Activation distances for danger signaling and other anti-collision system functionalities can be adjusted in parameter settings using a web browser without the need to install additional software.

Group 12109
Zone setting of the maximum forklift speed.
Group 25033
Deceleration according to the direction of drive or in a circle.

The anti-collision system is fully connectable with LED light marking.

LED marking


Group 25066

It saves the costs of investigating damage events.

Path 46206

Possible indoor and outdoor use.

Group 12122

Connectable with LED light marking of floors.


Autonomous deceleration of forklift in dangerous situations.

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