Intelligent parabolic mirror


Safety of crossroads and blind spots

An intelligent parabolic mirror is a mirror with a built-in LED projector that is connected to the movement of handling equipment or a pedestrian. The LED projector thus changes the passive nature of the OHS element into an interactive one.

Group 25095
Intelligent parabolic mirror.
Group 25032
Elimination of operational blindness.
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360° viewing angle

Industrial parabolic mirrors are used to increase safety in busy places and confusing intersections. The 360° observation angle of the mirror offers an overview of the entire situation and provides a safe passage or passage through the place. This element is classified as a passive element, and the level of safety provided is directly dependent on the attention of pedestrians or the driver of the handling equipment.

Signaling of the direction of drive of 2 or more subjects of the crossroad

The built-in LED projector reduces the passive nature of the element and brings the interactivity of the system. The projector is activated by the movement of the selected subject (pedestrian, manipulative technique), which enters the critical location. The pictogram appears on the floor only when there is a danger of a crash, eliminating operational blindness.

Group 25033
Can be extended by signaling the direction of drive.
Group 12098
Protection of handling equipment from collisions.

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