Pipe marking


Pipe marking

Using pipe markers will increase the safety and visibility of your operation. We provide color marking in accordance with the STN 13 0072 standard as well as the latest ISO 20560 standard.

Group 7
Increasing traffic safety by clear markings.
Group 25139
Clarification of the operation and flow of liquids in pipelines.
Mondi SCP, a.s. references

Essentials of basic pipe marking

  • pipe content – assigned color according to STN;
  • content flow direction;

Color marking of pipes

Addition of labels and tables

  • name of the operating fluid, e.g. feed water;
  • designation with a combination of letters and numbers, e.g. NaOH 30%;
  • chemical formulas of the operating fluid, e.g. H2O;
  • visualization of increased risk through a warning label according to the GHS/CLP regulation or the ISO 7010 standard;
  • The danger of the operating fluid in pipeline operation is usually characterized by signs according to STN 01 8012-2:2000-12, STN 01 8012-1:2000-12, which supplement the previous data. The safety mark can be part of a label or plate.
Group 12053
GHS/CLP regulations and the ISO 7010 standard
Group 25143
labeling of liquids and gases

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