Spill retention systems

Security of dangerous substances and leaks

Retaining systems

Together with safety cabinets, containment systems are the first barrier in case of leakage of dangerous substances.

Our portfolio includes:

  • fixed retaining basins
  • flexible retaining barriers

Retaining basins made of steel are ideal for operations where oils or other carbonaceous liquids are used. Basins made of hardened polyethylene, on the other hand, excellently retain acids, alkalis and other chemical substances. Flexible retaining barriers make it possible to create a catching system quickly and wherever it is currently needed in operation.


záchytné systémy

Retaining basins

Fixed containment systems are especially suitable for indoor operations for the safe storage of barrels or IBC containers with dangerous substances. Most of our portfolio includes, for example, different solutions of catch basins based on durable polyethylene. Stainless steel basins for selected types of highly corrosive substances and classic steel basins for carbonaceous non-corrosive substances are also a matter of course.

zachytna vana

Flexible retaining barriers

Flexible retaining systems are generally made of durable PVC – coated fabric that can be folded and compactly stored for easy transport and emergency use. They can be used indoors or outdoors. They use a special patented system for quick disassembly and use. Also suitable for vehicle´s raid (repair, cleaning).

flexibilná bariéra

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