Safety cabinets

Storage of dangerous substances

Safety cabinets

Special safety cabinets are directly designed to store dangerous substances in operation. Their biggest advantage is the possibility of locking, which disproportionately increases the security of storage and at the same time reduces the possibility of unprofessional handling of dangerous substances.

In our offer you will find cabinets for the entire spectrum of dangerous substances. If you cannot find a suitable cabinet size in our catalog, it is possible to make a cabinet according to the customer’s wishes.

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Group 12053

Certified according to European standards EN 14470-1 and 14727.

Group 25070

Safe storage of dangerous substances with the possibility of locking them.

Group 25093

Bright color design for high visibility of the cabinets and their contents.

Storage of dangerous substances

Storage of chemicals and caustics

For the storage of dangerous chemicals such as bases and acids, we recommend safety cabinets made of steel with a lacquer finish. Cabinets are supplemented with polyethylene pads and trays that increase durability and safety when storing caustics. We recommend storing non-reactive chemicals in standard steel cabinets. Cabinets for storing chemicals have the same fireproof design as cabinets for storing flammable substances.

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Storage of dangerous substances

Storage of flammable substances

In the case of storage of combustibles in operation, it is necessary to ensure the protection of property and people in the event of a fire. We recommend placing combustibles in special cabinets with fire-resistant elements. The cabinets we offer comply with the European standard STN EN 14470-1.

Cabinets for safe storage of lithium batteries are also available.

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