Technical safety audit


Complex technical audit of OHS

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of health and safety, we can thoroughly and in detail check the level of technical security in operation.

Our safety technicians will prepare a comprehensive analysis with recommendations for improving individual sections and, if interested, possible price offers for recommended technical measures in the plant.

Group 12053
Certified safety technicians
Group 12132
Reliable safety solutions

Content of the audit

1. Mapping and crossing of horizontal and logistical traffic markings according to the requirements of the standard and good practice.

2. Mapping of pipe markings in operation according to the standard:

  • color according to media flow,
  • fluid flow directions,
  • spacing between markings.

3. Mapping the level of safety markings in operation:

  • hydrants,
  • fire extinguishers,
  • fire doors,
  • push button alarms,
  • OHS marking.

4. Mapping the level of safety protection by fixed security barriers:

  • building protection,
  • protection of technical equipment,
  • protection of persons.

5. Analysis of risk locations:

  • crossroads forklift vs forklift, forklift vs pedestrian,
  • dissaranged places,
  • places with a possible collision forklift vs pedestrian.

6. Level of security of dangerous energies, during operation, maintenance, repair

  • preconditions of implemetation of LOTO system.


Do you need to check the state of health and safety protection in your operation?

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