Marking and evidence of work tools

Marking of scaffolding, ladders and work tools

The Scafftag product line offers a complete system for the safe marking and evidence of work tools from scaffolding and ladders to containers with chemicals, through machines, equipment and dangerous places.

Group 25090
Marking of machines and work tools
Group 12053
Marking of safe use
Types of used signs

Principle of the Scafftag system

The Scafftag system consists of two parts, a holder and a tag.

The front of the label aims to identify the device and inform about its last inspection. The back of the label contains instructions for performing the inspection, warnings and additional information.


  • easy to use;
  • resistance to adverse climatic conditions;
  • saves time when preparing safety audits;
  • provides clear information about the inspection and about the work being performed;
  • selection of sizes and inserts with the possibility of adapting to requirements;
  • low price for a system that saves lives;
  • wide selection of holders and inserts;

Scafftag® system inserts are made according to customer requirements. Different forms of colors, texts or insertion of the company logo, etc. are possible.

Step 1

Do not use

Information regarding the prohibition of the use of the devices is printed on the plastic holder (the strength test has not yet been performed, the device is not approved for use, the expiration of the inspection information, etc.).


Step 2

Safe to use

As soon as the device is approved as safe for use (device test performed, strength test, etc.), an insert is inserted into the plastic holder, which informs about the safety of use.

Inserts are prepared according to the customer’s wishes and may contain information on load capacity, expiration date, performed inspections, etc. All inserts are writable for filling in variable information.


The complete catalog can be downloaded here:

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