MHE Anti-collision system during loading and unloading trucks for LEAR corporation

Goal of project

Securing handling equipment against falling from the loading ramp when loading and unloading trucks.

Solution: anti-collision system using safety barriers

The falling edge of the loading ramp was equipped with elastically deformable safety barriers, which ensures the prevention of the fall of the MHE during loading / unloading of the truck. The safety system was upgraded with laser optical gates, which, after crossing the MHE, send a signal to the MHE control unit and ensure an immediate stop of the technology. With this, we have solved the security of the loading ramp area, where it is not possible to install fixed safety barriers. In the absence of a truck at the unloading point, the laser gate system is active, and on the contrary, when it is present in the zone, the system automatically deactivates it, so that the loading and unloading of trucks can take place without problems.

Added value

  • autonomous stopping of the MHE before falling from the loading ramp
  • connecting conventional security elements with wireless RFID technology

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