Increasing the safety of pedestrians and MHE under the crane for sink manufacturer Franke

Goal of project:

The goal of the project was to increase the level of safety when handling a transported load of approx. 2.5 x 2.5 m with the help of innovative LED technology, which visualizes the dangerous zone of the load’s movement.

Solution: LED light marking

The project was solved with the help of LED lighting technology. The safety LED projector in an industrial design was installed on the cat of the crane and defines the dangerous zone around the suspended load. The projector is switched to the movement of the crane and visually alerts pedestrians and handling equipment to the danger of a conflict with a suspended load. LED projection on cranes offers an above-standard solution to the legislative regulation, stating the safety of work in the vicinity of moving loads.

Added value

  • above-standard solution of the legislative regulation
  • an effective solution for preventing entry under a suspended load
  • elimination of operational blindness
  • increasing the safety of pedestrians and MHE