Thermo-transfer marking

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Thermo-transfer marking

Thermal transfer technology uses thermal transfer color tape (TTR) that transfers to a wide variety of materials. This technology therefore enables the marking of plastic and cardboard packaging of products with barcodes, information on production, consumption and so on (with a resolution of up to 300 dpi).

Layer 76
Printing of industrial markings.
Group 12051
High temperature resistant marking.

Thermo-transfer marking


Thermal transfer printers are fully programmable systems with the possibility of high quality printing. They make it possible to mark company logos, barcodes, 2D codes, extensive texts in both vertical and horizontal selected orientations. Direct marking on the film without the need to use a label provides direct savings in production costs.

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Thermo-transfer marking


Thermo-transfer printing is performed through a special colored tape, which releases the color onto the paper in the place where it is heated. When heated, a chemical reaction takes place in this layer, the result of which is the blackening of the heated area. The advantage of this technology is that no additional dye or medium is needed for printing, and the printing mechanism is very simple and therefore cheap.

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